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from the homepage:

...in parental alienation syndrome, the hostility of the alienating client just never seems to be reasonably linked to the seriousness of the incidents alleged.


The alienating client often relies blithely on his child's professed refusal to see the other parent as evidence of the inadequacy of the other parent (Goldwater, 1991, p. 125).



The insistence upon the negative aspects of the spouse's character and behaviour coupled with the inability to see existing or even potential positive traits in the spouse are manifestations of an alienating attitude.


Such a client appears to objectify his spouse as an evil thing, no longer a person with at least a few redeeming qualities. There is a loss of the ambivalence which characterizes healthy human relationships. Indeed, such objectification of the spouse as "all bad" should be taken to be a sign of significant disorder in the client himself (Goldwater, 1991, pp. 125-126).


Expanding the Parameters of Parental Alienation Syndrome   (click the underlined link for the entire article) by Glenn F. Cartwright


Cartwright, Glenn F. (1993). Expanding the parameters of parental alienation syndrome. American Journal of Family Therapy, 21 (3), 205-215.

The parents of Amy (age 10) and Kevin (age 7) are divorcing after 13 years of marriage. Their father, by temporary stipulation, has moved from the marital home. He is entitled to visit with the children on alternating weekends and one evening, during the week. Soon, the children begin to refuse to go with him. At first, they do not want to leave Mom; they say that they are afraid to go. When Dad comes to the house, Mom tells him that she\he will "not force the children to go." "Visitation is up to them." and she\he will "not interfere in their decision". The children refuse to talk with him on the phone. Mom calls him names when he telephones and complains constantly about her financial situation, blaming him, all within hearing of the children.

Dad attempts to talk with the children about the situation, then to bribe them with movies, shopping trips, toys. They become more and more sullen with him and resistant to coming. Anything, routine doctor visits, invitations from a friend, a visit to Aunt Beth, serves as an excuse to avoid visits.

A court appointed guardian ad litem learns from the children that "Dad is abusive and mean to us. " They do not want to go on visits. However, when asked to give specific examples of how he is abusive, their stories are not convincing, "He yells too loud when we make noise." "He made me climb all the way to the top of a mountain." "He gets mad at me about my homework." "He makes me wear my bike helmet." "He pounds the wall to get us up in the morning and it makes me afraid that he'll hit me." They say that he has never hit them, although they state that they are very afraid that he will.

These children are in the process of becoming alienated from their father.

An increasing number of children are experiencing the divorce of their parents or litigation over their custody some time during their minority. Some children experience the concerted, albeit often unconscious or unintended, attempt of one parent to alienate them from their other parent.

from the article: Family Wars: The Alienation of Children by Peggy Ward

What is "Parental Alienation Syndrome" and Why Is It So Often Used Against Mothers?

by John E. B. Myers, Professor of Law
University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law
Sacramento, California.

The following is an excerpt from a forthcoming book titled
A Mother's Nightmare: A Practical Legal Guide For Parents And Professionals.


Berliner, L & Conte J. R. (1993). "Sex Abuse Evaluations: Conceptual and Empirical Obstacles," Child Abuse & Neglect, 17m. 111-125.

Gardner, R. A. (1991) "Sex Abuse Hysteria: Salem Witch Trials Revisited." Cresskill, NJ: Creative Therapeutics.

Gardner, R. A. (1989) "Differentiating Between Bona Fide and Fabricated Allegations of Sexual Abuse of Children." Journal of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. 5. 1-25.

Gardner, R. A. (1987). "The Parental Alienation Syndrome and the Differentiation Between Fabricates and Genuine Child Sex Abuse." Cresskill, NJ: Creative Therapeutics.

Moss, D. C. (1988). "Abuse Scale: Point System for Abuse Claims. Journal of the American Bar Association". 74, 26.

Basic Facts About The Parental Alienation Syndrome    Dr. Richard Gardner 5/2001

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a typical divorce?
Dr. Peggy Ward

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parental alienation
Dr. Peggy Ward
including the following topics:
the parent evaluation
mild, moderate, overt & severe parental alienation
Provided by Douglas Darnell, Ph.D.
Provided by Douglas Darnell, Ph.D.

PAS Parental Alienation Syndrome

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"the children" page

"...prolonged alienation of the child may trigger other forms of mental illness.."


 Cartwright, Glenn F. (1993). Expanding the parameters of parental alienation syndrome. American Journal of Family Therapy, 21 (3), 205-215.



The effects of parental alienation include:
  • long-term depression
  • inability to function in a normal psycho-social framework
  • ego & identify dysfunction
  • despai
  • uncontrollable guilt
  • isolation
  • hostility
  • disorganization
  • personality "splitting"
  • even suicide

Research also shows that adult children of alienation are prone to:

  • alcoholism
  • drug abuse 
  • other symptoms of internal distress

Family Court Reform Council of America

click here to visit the website for the entire article


Parents Who Have Successfully Fought Parental Alienation Syndrome; by Jayne A. Major, Ph.D. (UCLA) How does the child get involved with PAS?     http://www.breakthroughparenting.com  Why is PAS a double bind for the child?

Family Wars: The Alienation of Children

Dr. Peggy Ward


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the alienator

PAS parents have become stuck in the first stage of child development, where survival skills are learned.  Dr. Jane Major; www.BreakthroughParenting.com

PAS is an escalation of Parental Alienation (PA)                            Dr. Douglas Darnall

American Journal of Family Therapy 30(3):191-202 (2002). Denial of the Parental Alienation Syndrome Also Harms Women; Richard A. Gardner. M.D.
Columbia University, New York, New York, USA

The American Journal of Family Therapy, 28:229-241, 2000 REMARRIAGE AS A TRIGGER OF PARENTAL ALIENATION SYNDROME
Richard A. Warshak
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, Dallas, Texas, USA

Three Types of Alienators  Provided by Douglas Darnell, Ph.D.

Family Wars: The Alienation of Children   Dr. Peggy Ward

the alienated
Richard A. Gardner;  Columbia University, New York, New York, USA

emotional abuse

the resource page

NOTE: The 13th Judicial Circuit Court of Hillsborough County, Florida has ruled that Parental Alienation Syndrome has gained enough acceptances in the scientific community to satisfy Frye Test criteria for admissibility.

In Kilgore v. Boyd Case No. 95-7573 the Court ruled:

If I do have to apply a Frye test he has passed the Frye test. And I find that parental alienation syndrome has passed the Frye test in my courtroom, which is a Circuit Court Courtroom in the Family Law division, based on the evidence and argument before me.

from kids need dads

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